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During eight days each November hundreds of authors and thousands of readers converge on Downtown Miami for the nation's premier literary festival. And when that's over, we keep it going, month in, month out.

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Support the Miami Book Fair and be part of Miami’s commitment to expanding and strengthening Miami’s literary culture.

  • MiamiBookFair

    The Big Read Miami 2017: Cambodia in Film "The Missing Picture" at @OCINEMA. @NEABigRead @NEAarts https://t.co/UYeEYCBiWZ
  • MiamiBookFair

    . @sosyetekoukouy and #MiamiBookFair present the Little Haiti Book Festival! Save the date! https://t.co/6Y7vKU7r2k
  • MiamiBookFair

    #MiamiBookFair remembers the plight of Cambodia's refugees fleeing the Khmer Rouge regime during the #NEABigRead.… https://t.co/Xcy2ocAgAd