Speak Up: Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How much does it cost?
    It’s free! Even the parking!
  • Are snacks allowed?
    There are water fountains across the campus, so bring a reusable water bottle. We will provide some light snacks, but of course, you are welcome to bring your own, or purchase snacks from the vending machines.
  • How do I get there? 
    Bus route 27 every 20 minutes (SW 27th Ave and SW 2nd St or SW 4th St)
    Bus route 8 every 30 minutes (SW 27th Ave and SW 8th St)
    Bus route 11 and 51 every 20 minutes (corner of W 27th Ave and W Flagler). Bus route 51 can be accessed from the Government Center Metro Train Station at NW 1st Ave and NW 1st St.
    There is free parking available at the Koubek Center.
  • Is the venue accessible?
    The Koubek Center is a Miami-Dade College venue, which is fully ADA compliant.
  • Do students have to attend all of the classes?
    With the exception of unforeseen personal emergency, it is expected that Speak Up writers attend and participate fully as a team in all workshops and associated events. Open mic attendance is optional.
  • Can students get school credit for attending this class?
    No. Upon request, Miami Book Fair can provide a letter at the end of the semester stating that the student attended class, but this class cannot at this time be utilized for school credit.
  • Can students invite friends to workshop?
    No one other than enrolled Speak Up participants, the facilitators, and the program coordinator may attend workshop sessions. However, we encourage you to invite your friends and family to all open mics and performances!
  • Can parents/guardians, sit in on the classes?
    No. In order to create a safe and courageous space for our teen writers, we ask parents and guardians to not be in the classroom. The facilitator and program coordinator will be present with the students at all times. There is seating available in our office, if parents and guardians would like to wait during class.
  • Can 8th graders register?
    Students under the 9th grade level and/or under the age of 14 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please fill out a registration form, and describe your circumstances in the section titled “Special Considerations.” Additionally, please contact the program coordinator, Cecily Schuler, directly via email at cschuler@mdc.edu.