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The Sounds of Joy and Pain: A New Understanding of Traditional Haitian Music, Konpa, and Rap Kreyòl with M. Mushy Widmaier, Georgio Léon-Émile, and Ed Rainer Sainvil

Sunday, May 15, 2022 @ 2:00 pm

On Demand (Virtual)

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For a long time, the term “Haitian music” mostly referred to several styles, including roots music and konpa. In the past few years, however, rap kreyòl and reggae have gained in popularity, with artists using these genres to denounce the injustices that exist in the country. This panel answers the question: With so many influences from other countries, what is the future of Haitian music? With Haitian jazz musician, composer and arranger Mushy Widmaier; musicologist and author of Tambours Frappés, Haïtiens Campés, Ed Rainer Sainvil; and radio host Georges “Georgio” Léon-Émile.


English, Creole
All Year