Children’s Alley

Professor Wembly Wordsmith returns to Children’s Alley, captaining his magical, hot pink blimp!

Step into an Amazonian wonderland filled with multicolored animals, outdoor hoopla, music and storytelling from around the world.


All about robots, archaeology, drumming, pirates, and more!


Craft a masterpiece with MOAD, the Bass Museum, and local artists!


Theater, storytelling, music, and magic for the whole family!

Even MORE to explore
in Children’s Alley!

Practice MOOga (aka cow yoga!) with Florida Dairy Farmers, pick up your next favorite book at Books & Books Jr., explore the wonders of robots, play some family-friendly outdoor games, or just pull up a beanbag to Read & Chill. No matter where you look, a new adventure awaits!

Miami Book Fair’s children’s programming wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our sponsors: