Submission Guidelines for Author Programs


If you are contacted by a company representing Miami Book Fair, and have any concerns regarding whether their offer is an invitation to participate in any part of official Miami Book Fair’s programs, activities, Street Fair and/or more, please contact us (305) 237-3258 or email .

If you are contacted by any company offering  a package for sale that will allow you to exhibit at the Miami Book Fair, please know that the Miami Book Fair offers its own packages and does not contract with any third parties to invite authors to participate in the book Fair to sell spaces at the street Fair. Please click here to access the Miami Book Fair’s official exhibitors’ rates.


To be considered for one of our author panels or presentations, please upload your finished book or galley. Only titles released in 2021 or 2022 are eligible. Decisions will be communicated through e-mail. We are not receiving physical mail at this time. Submissions will be accepted exclusively through this digital upload method. Submission deadline is May 30, 2022.

To be considered for 2022 Miami Book Fair, you must fill out the online form: 


Para participar en el Programa de Autores Iberoamericanos de la Feria del Libro

Este es link del formulario electrónico que necesitamos que rellene para someter su solicitud de participación en la Feria del Libro de noviembre 2022: Una vez llene todos los campos del formulario, debe darle click a “Submit” para que nos lleguen sus respuestas. Le enviaremos un acuse de recibo automático.  Por favor, si desea proponer más de un libro a consideración del Comité de Selección de Autores, rellene un formulario para cada uno de los títulos.

Además del formulario, le solicitamos que nos haga llegar el PDF de su libro por correo electrónico, a Sin dicho archivo, no podremos someter su solicitud al Comité de Selección de Autores. La convocatoria finaliza el 30 de mayo a medianoche (EST).

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