Yanatha Desouvre

Sara McCranie

Yanatha Desouvre is an educator and public speaker born in Port-au-Prince and raised in Brooklyn and Philadelphia. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Management Information Systems and Marketing from Drexel University. He received an MBA, with a focus on Marketing, Mass Communication, and Media Management, from Lynn University. The author of An Essential Guide to Windows 10 (2015), he’s a Marketing and Information Technology coach and consultant who has taught at Miami Dade College and Chestnut Hill College. His latest literary work is titled Revelations: Roads to Redemption (2018). For more information on the author and to book him for special occasions go to www.yanatha.com.

Yanatha Desouvre se yon anseyan ak yon oratè ki te fèt Pòtoprens epi leve nan Brooklyn ak Philadelphia. Li te resevwa yon diplòm lisans nan jesyon administratif avèk yon konsantrasyon sou jesyon sistèm enfòmasyon ak maketin nan men Drexel University. Li te resevwa yon metriz, avèk konsantrasyon sou maketin, kominikasyon de mas, ak jesyon medya, nan men Lynn University. Li se otè An Essential Guide to Windows 10 (2015), yon gid nan maketin ak teknoloji enfòmasyon, epitou li se yon konsiltan ki anseye nan Miami Dade College ak nan Chestnut Hill College. Dènye èv literè li a gen pou tit Revelations: Roads to Redemption (2018). Pou plis enfòmasyon sou otè a epi pou envite li vin pale nan okazyon espesyal, al sou www.yanatha.com.