Walter Wick

Johanna Lawshea

Best known for brilliant search-and-find photographs, Walter Wick is the author, creator, and photographer of the Can You See What I See? series, as well as the co-creator and photographer of the I Spy books. He is also the author and photographer of two award-winning science books, A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder and Walter Wick’s Optical Tricks. His latest book, Hey, Seymour! (Scholastic Press), is a new search-and-find fold-out adventure for children. Curious seekers will expand the fun as they lift up the pages to discover that something has changed and it’s time to solve a brand-new riddle! All of Walter Wick’s beautiful photographs include the character of Seymour (from the Can You See What I See? series) and introduce Seymour’s new dog, Buttons. Join Seymour and Buttons on their search-and-find adventure!