Virginia Feito

Cindy Seip

A native of Spain, Virginia Feito was raised in Madrid and Paris, and studied English and drama at Queen Mary University of London. She worked as a copywriter until she quit to write her debut work of fiction, Mrs. March: A Novel (Liveright). The proper, dutiful wife of a successful novelist, Mrs. March is proud of her husband, as expected. Then a neighborhood shopkeeper suggests that her husband’s latest protagonist – a detestable character – is based on Mrs. March herself, and her world is suddenly shaken to its core. Part Hitchcockian psychological thriller, part social satire, the story follows her descent into paranoia. It begins within the pages of a book, after she finds a newspaper clipping about a missing woman in her husband’s office. But then, what about his recent “hunting trips” up north with his editor? Or the roaches that have suddenly started to appear, and the strange breathing noises? Soon Mrs. March’s obsession threatens everyone in her wake. Vogue praised the novel, saying it “portrays a rarefied world as hellish Grand Guignol. The pleasure of the book is in watching all that psychotic menace come out into the open, and in trying to figure how much of it is actually real.”