Uva de Aragón

Cindy Seip

Uva de Aragón has published a dozen books of essays, poetry, short stories, and the novel Memoria del Silencio, which now is offered in its first translation into English. Some of her short stories and a play have also been translated and appear in textbooks and anthologies such as The Voice of the Turtle, Cuba: A Traveler’s Literary Companion, Cubana and Cuban-American Theater. Until her retirement in 2011, she was Associate Director of the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University, where she also taught. Dr. de Aragón served for six years as Associate Editor of Cuban Studies. She is a graduate of the University of Miami, where she obtained a Ph.D. in Latin American and Spanish Literature. Her most recent novel is The Miracle of Saint Lazarus: A Mystery Twenty Years in the Making (Mango). A few weeks after Hurricane Andrew wreaks devastation and havoc across South Florida, a father and his infant daughter crash their car into a canal. The man’s body is recovered, but his baby girl is never found. Twenty-three years later: After reports of alleged sightings of the girl, the case is reopened by police. Detective Maria Duquesne has been assigned to the case, but she has very little in the way of clues. Is it really possible that the girl has not died? Uva de Aragón provides a multifaceted portrait of the Latino communities of Miami and Hialeah, creating an exciting thriller that will appeal to readers who enjoy mysteries with female sleuths.