Terence Cantarella

Cindy Seip

Terence Cantarella’s stories have appeared in, or been re-reported by, publications like the AtlanticNew York TimesHuffington Post, and Daily Mail. They’ve also been the subject of radio and TV programs. He is a contributing writer in Making Good Time: True Stories of How We Do, and Don’t, Get Around in South Florida (Jai-Alai Books), an anthology of more than thirty Miami transit-related stories, edited by Florida International University Creative Writing Professor Lynne Barrett, and featuring writers such as Richard Blanco, Chantel Acevedo, Diana Abu-Jaber, Jennine Capó Crucet, Les Standiford, and Thomas Swick. Kenny Malone, Co-host of NPR’s Planet Money says, “Hold on to your roof mattresses: Making Good Time is a loving, alarming, definitive collection of only-in-Miami road tales.”