Steve Kronen

marlene lopez

Steve Kronen‘s previous collections are Splendor and Empirical Evidence. His work has appeared in The New Republic, Poetry, The American Scholar, AGNI, The American Poetry Review, Little Star, The Georgia Review, Ploughshares, Slate, The Yale Review, the New Statesman, The Paris Review, Poetry Daily, The Threepenny Review, and elsewhere. He is a librarian in Miami. Homage to Mistress Oppenheimer (Eyewear Publishing) is a collection that hangs in the balance–between the apocalyptic and the everyday, fate and choice, love and death. Like nuclear fission itself, these poems transmute themselves, taking on the forms of twisted sestinas and transformational terza rima to take on the constant movement of their subject matter: the business of being a person with an awareness of both science and God. At once poignant, funny, and distortedly original, this collection is unmissable.