Shara McCallum

marlene lopez

(McCallum, Shara) Shara McCallum is the author of two previous collections of poetry, Song of Thieves (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2003) and The Water Between Us, winner of the 1998 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize, as well as personal essays that appear in The Antioch Review, Creative Nonfiction, Witness, and elsewhere. Her poems have been published in the US, the Caribbean, the UK, Latin America, and Israel, have been reprinted in textbooks and anthologies of American, African American, Caribbean, and World poetry, and have been translated into Spanish and Romanian. According to Publishers Weekly starred review, McCallum’s latest collection, Madwoman (Alice James) “ . . . beautifully incorporates the patois of her native Jamaica and employs myth as a way to deal with the mistakes and hurts of the past. [Her] striking poems take the madwoman out of her attic so that she may walk and speak among the living.”