Sasha Pimentel

marlene lopez

(Pimentel, Sasha) Sasha Pimentel is the author of For Want of Water and Other Poems (Beacon Press), winner of the 2016 National Poetry Series, and Insides She Swallowed, winner of the 2011 American Book Award. Born in Manila and raised in the United States and Saudi Arabia, she is a professor of poetry and creative nonfiction in the bilingual MFA Program at the University of Texas at El Paso. Selected by Gregory Pardlo as winner of the National Poetry Series, For Want of Water and Other Poems contains searing verses set on the Mexican border about war and addiction, love and sexual violence, grief and loss.  This collection weaves the personal with recent history, the domestic with the tragic, asking how much “a body will hold,” reaching from the border to the poet’s own Philippines.