S. Qiouyi Lu

Cindy Seip

S. Qiouyi Lu, author of In the Watchful City, contributed “Where There Are Cities, These Dissolve Too (La Puente)” to Part II: Steampunks, Alchemists, and Memory Artists of Speculative Los Angeles (Akashic Books). A collection of 14 stories commissioned by Denise Hamilton (including one of her own), each set in a different neighborhood of the city, each reimagining the metropolis in very different ways. But while you will find local color, landmarks, and flavor in these stories, you might also encounter 21st-century changelings, dirigibles, black holes, beachfront property in Century City, and psychic death cults. Booklist noted that the “contributing authors skillfully capture the presences of different Los Angeles neighborhoods that become characters all on their own, teetering on the precipice of many possibilities.”