Rudy Rucker

marlene lopez

Rudy Rucker is a contemporary master of science-fiction and received the Philip K. Dick award twice. His 37 published books include novels and non-fiction books such as The Fourth Dimension, the cyberpunk series The Ware Tetralogy and his novel of the fourth dimension Spaceland. His memoirs Nested Scrolls and All the Visions offer uniquely skewed insights into our times. Recent books include Complete Stories and the novels Turing & Burroughs and The Big Aha. He is the author of the steampunk phenomenon Hollow Earth and its sequel Return to Hollow Earth. Set in an Earth that is hollow like a tennis ball. The wondrous Hollow Earth holds jungles, seas, native tribes, flying pigs, killer nautiluses, giant ants, and live flying saucers. In 1850, Mason and Seela embark upon a perilous trip around Cape Horn to San Francisco. Their ship sinks, but they’re saved by a tentacled, flying nautilus—and now they learn that their friend and traveling companion, Edgar Allen Poe is not dead after all. Poe leads them on a return voyage to the Hollow Earth, passing through the throat of a thousand-mile-deep maelstrom at the North Pole. In the Hollow Earth, they learn that the woomo sea cucumbers mean to send them them on a epic mission across space and time. And the initial stage of this mission brings them to Santa Cruz, California—in the year 2018!