Ru Freeman

marlene lopez

Ru Freeman is a Sri Lankan and American writer whose work appears internationally, including in the Guardian, and the New York Times. She is the author of the novels A Disobedient Girl and On Sal Mal Lane and editor of Extraordinary Rendition: American Writers on Palestine. She is a contributing editor of the Asian American Literary Review, and blogs for the Huffington Post on literature and politics. She is the recipient of many awards, including the JH Kafka prize for fiction by an American Woman. She teaches creative writing at Columbia University. Global leaders and activists writing about what they understand shared security to be. Freeman is co-editor of Indivisible: Global Leaders on Shared Security (Olive Branch Press), in which more than forty global leaders and activists reflect on the state of the world, and the indivisibility of lasting peace and security. Taken together these global citizens articulate a persuasive and powerful argument in favor of a new way of looking at a world where we reframe security as a shared goal. This is an exceptional compilation of voices whose places of origin reflect the world of which they speak, and who, in chorus, become a testament to the fact that we can come together, no matter how far-flung we are, how solitary our endeavors, to shape our common future.