Roy Sekoff

marlene lopez

Roy Sekoff was the founding editor of the Huffington Post and co-creator of HuffPost Live. A former writer and on-air correspondent for Michael Moore’s Emmy-winning TV Nation, Sekoff is a frequent guest on TV and radio talk shows and an in-demand public speaker. He is the author of Lacks Self-Control: True Stories I Waited Until My Parents Died to Tell (Big a Books). Whether he’s describing a teenage pilgrimage to a Times Square porn superstore, life-changing experiences with high colonics and psychic readings, an ill-fated attempt to make off with a tissue containing Oprah’s tears, or that time Chevy Chase grabbed his balls at a funeral, Sekoff is a lively, irreverent raconteur whose sharp observations wring laughs out of a ludicrous-yet-relatable life. Told with zinging wit and zero propriety, Lacks Self-Control is a testament to his unwavering commitment to overshare.