Richard Ingraham

marlene lopez

(Ingraham, Richard) Chef Richard Ingraham has mastered the balance between fine cuisine and expert sports nutrition. As personal chef to power couple Dwyane and Gabrielle Wade, founder of Private Chef network ChefRLI, and author of Eating Well to Win, his mission is to raise the bar of performance eating through high level home cooking. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Richard became fascinated by culinary arts at a very young age. After completing culinary training at the Art Institute of Atlanta, he began work as a private chef right away. Not only is he responsible for planning the diet of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, but also the dozens of other NBA, NFL, MLB and entertainment personalities across the country, all served by elite network ChefRLI. For Richard it’s about understanding what keeps the stars fit, toned and healthy yet making sure that they don’t miss out on all the joys of high level cooking. Taking an imaginative look at world-class ingredients and spirits, his food begs to be shared between friends and inspires even the most amateur of chefs to get in the kitchen. Unstoppably passionate about sharing the benefits of great food, Richard is kept busy with a number of community projects. A few years ago, he joined Michelle Bernstein and Michael Schwartz in former First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Chefs Move 2 Schools” White House Initiative Miami to encourage healthier eating habits among our country’s youth. Currently, he is an esteemed Advisory Board Member of the Miami Culinary Institute and, as GOYA Foods’ My Plate Ambassador and Partner Chef, he is tasked with promoting alternative cooking methods to parents of school-aged children.