Rachèle Magloire

Lazaro Alvarez

Rachèle Magloire was born in Port-au Prince, Haiti, and raised in Montreal, Canada. She earned a degree in Communications from Quebec University. As a reporter, she worked for Télé Haiti, and Haîti en Marche, a weekly published in Miami. She served a brief stint at Haiti National Television as Chief Editor and as News Director. Magloire was a stringer for the Montreal dailies La Presse and Le Devoir and collaborated on Le Point, a Radio Canada TV magazine. Since 1995, she has directed documentaries for Fanal Productions. In The Democratic Republic of Congo, Magloire worked with Radio Okapi, a national radio network founded by the United Nations, in collaboration with Fondation Hirondelle for Freedom of Speech. In addition, she is involved with Sinema Anba Zetwal/ Cinema Under the Stars, a dynamic audiovisual mobile structure that screens movies with social messages to large audiences all over the country. With Chantal Regnault, she directed Deported, a documentary about legal immigrants from Haiti in the United States, whose criminal records led to deportation. In 2011, Vues D’Afrique awarded Magloire and her sister Laurence Magloire, the CIRTEF Prize for Services Rendered to Humanity.