Peter Kujawinski

Johanna Lawshea

Peter Kujawinski is an author and diplomat, currently serving as US Consul General for Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. He co-wrote the Dormia series with Jake Halpern and has also written for The New York Times.  Nightfall (G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers) , also co-authored with Halpern, tells the story of a group of teens who are forced to leave their island home in preparation for a sunset that only occurs every twenty-eight years. Just as the ships are about to sail, a teenage boy goes missing. A pair of teenaged twins, Marin and Kana are the only ones who know the truth about where he’s gone, and the only way to rescue him is by doing it themselves. But Night is falling. The island is changing. Kirkus Reviews writes, “The teens’ desperate journey to find their way off the island will keep readers turning pages.”