Peter J. Tomasi

marlene lopez

Peter J. Tomasi is a New York Times best-selling author known for his work on Superman RebirthBatman and Robin, Super-Sons, Green Lantern Corps, Detective Comics and Batman Arkham Knight, along with other commercially successful books, Brightest Day, Superman/Wonder Woman, Emerald Warriors, Black AdamNightwing and many others. Over the course of his career with DC Comics, Peter also served as a group editor ushering in new eras for Batman, Green Lantern, and JSA along with special projects like Kingdom Come. Peter is the author of the critically acclaimed books Light BrigadeThe Mighty, and the horror/drama, House of Penance. The Bridge: How the Roeblings Connected Brooklyn to New York (Harry N. Abrams) is his latest book. More than 130 years after its completion, the Brooklyn Bridge remains one of the most extraordinary landmarks and symbols of Brooklyn and New York City—and the story behind this architectural marvel is just as extraordinary. In this inspiring graphic novel, author Peter J. Tomasi and illustrator Sara Duvall show the building of the Brooklyn Bridge as it has never been seen before, and the marriage of the Roeblings—based on intellectual equality and mutual support—that made the construction of this iconic structure possible.