Paul Muldoon

marlene lopez

(Muldoon, Paul) Hailed by Seamus Heaney as “one of the era’s true originals,” poet Paul Muldoon seems determined to escape definition. Muldoon is the author of twelve previous books of poetry, including the Pulitzer Prize–winning Moy Sand and Gravel Among his many honors are the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and the Shakespeare Prize “for contributions from English-speaking Europe to the European inheritance.” He is the Howard G. B. Clark ’21 University Professor in the Humanities at Princeton. Selected Poems 1968–2014 (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) offers forty-six years of his work drawn from twelve individual collections. Writing for the New York Times, Roger Rosenblatt calls Muldoon, “. . . one of the great poets of the past hundred years, who can be everything in his poems—word-playful, lyrical, hilarious, melancholy. And angry. Only Yeats before him could write with such measured fury.”