Patrick Alexander

marlene lopez

(Alexander, Patrick) Patrick Alexander originally developed the Wine Appreciation Program when he worked at the University of Miami. In the summer of 2011, after Patrick had left UM in order to focus on writing, the owner of Books & Books, Mitchell Kaplan, suggested he offer his program at Books & Books. Four years, nineteen sold-out classes, and 300 satisfied students later, Patrick Alexander’s Wine Appreciation Program has become one of the highlights of Books & Books event programming. With the publication of The Booklovers’ Guide To Wine: A Celebration of the History, the Mysteries and the Literary Pleasures of Drinking Wine (Mango), with a foreword by Mitchell Kaplan, everyone can experience what Patrick’s students have come to love and appreciate about great wines and great writers. A literary twist on traditional food and wine pairings, this book explores how great wines and great writers can be combined to enhance the enjoyment of both. This fact-filled, jargon free guide to wine, bursting with entertaining anecdotes, literary quotes and compelling humor will teach you everything you always wanted to learn about wine but were too scared to ask.