Naresh M. Gehi

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(Gehi, Naresh, M.) Naresh M. Gehi is the Principal Attorney at Gehi & Associates, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law. Mr. Gehi has more than 15 years’ experience as an attorney and has assisted thousands of clients in resolving complex immigration matters. He is the author of Immigration for Everyone! (Gehi & Associates, PC). It seems as though almost everyone around the globe wants a piece of “the American Dream.” Most people think that it takes a rocket scientist to figure out how to get a visa to come to the United States. But they are wrong! All it takes is a little time and Immigration For Everyone! By reading through these pages, you will easily find out if there is a visa or “green card” just for you! It is not impossible, and you may be on your way to America before you know it!