Nadege Fleurimond

Sara McCranie

Nadege Fleurimond is a chef, entrepreneur, speaker, author and business strategist. She graduated with a degree in Political Science from Columbia University and utilizing her Haitian culinary background as a guide, Fleurimond pulls a world of flavors from Asian, Latin American and European Cuisines to create events that inspire, motivate and unify. She is the author of Taste of Life, her debut as author which she presented as “part cookbook, part memoir,” and Haiti Uncovered, a culinary travel coffee table cookbook that delves into the art of Haitian cuisine. Taste of Solitude: A Culinary Journal (Nadege Fleurimond) is not your typical cooking book – it’s also an inspirational and therapeutic guide to dare to live your best life. The book features creative images of Fleurimond’s love for color, fashion, and ingredients as she shares the stories, lessons and themes that emerged from this time: Gratitude, friendship, hope, and so much more. She believes that her book can serve as a bridge, connecting and bringing people from different cultures together especially during a time of much division. Food is often a connector, helping us to celebrate our differences as well as our commonalities – it’s all in the pot!