Mike Lane

Johanna Lawshea

Magician Mike Lane has been performing magic professionally for over 30 years. He is the author of several books on magic, including Magic Mike’s Miraculous Magic Tricks; and The Magic Shop Series books, which include, The Vanishing Coin, The Incredible Twisting Arm, and The Great Escape. His latest book, another installment in the The Magic Shop Series is The Disappearing Magician (Feiwel and Friends). Mike’s magic tricks have helped him learn how to focus, improve his reputation, and stand up for himself. But his new confidence is about to face its biggest challenge yet—the school talent show! Mike signs up immediately. After all, what magician would pass up the chance to perform on a real stage? But then, he learns that Nora, his friend and trusted magician’s assistant, is suffering from a massive case of stage fright, and won’t be able to help him during the performance. As everything begins to go wrong, Mike starts to wonder if he might need a magic trick to help him disappear!