Michel Fiffe

marlene lopez

(Fiffe, Michel) Michel Fiffe is the creator of the critically acclaimed action series Copra, produced, self-published and distributed through Copra Press. Michel has also written for Marvel Comics and The Comics Journal, two extremes that he continues to balance in his current serialization of Copra.  Neorealism and the visually impossible collide to make the perfect heart beat in Michel Fiffe’s comic, Zegas! (Fantagraphics). Zegas details the surreal urban adventures of the recently orphaned Zegas siblings, Emily and Boston. At its core, Zegas is a collection of interactions that map out Emily and Boston’s most primal concerns: survival, sex, and mortality. Matt Seneca, writing for The Comics Journal, writes, “Fiffe has crafted a gem, a comic whose every line of dialogue and ink is both refined and bursting with enthusiasm.”