Michael Carlebach

marlene lopez

(Carlebach, Michael) Michael Carlebach is a photojournalist and educator. Over the course of his career, his art has been featured in a number of significant exhibitions, including, most recently, the Center for the Study of the American South in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and the Otto G. Richter Library of the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. In 2010, a collection of Carlebach’s photographs was compiled in the book Sunny Land: Pictures from Paradise. Carlebach’s stunning new collection, Some of Us (Safe Harbor Books), offers a unique and timely vision of America.  Including contributions by Carlebach’s cousins, the poet Ann Lauterbach and writer Nathaniel Tripp, Some of Us presents people and places across the country caught like reflections in a quickly passed mirror that remind us who we really are and suggest where we might be going.