Mia Leonin

marlene lopez

Mia Leonin is the author of Unraveling the Bed, and a memoir, Havana and Other Missing Fathers. Leonin’s poetry has been published in New Letters, Guernica, Prairie Schooner, Alaska Quarterly Review, Indiana Review, Witness, River Styx, Chelsea, and others. Leonin has been awarded fellowships from the State of Florida Department of Cultural Affairs and grants from the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund. She is the author of Fable of the Pack-Saddle Child (BkMk Press at the University of Missouri-Kansas City), an illustrated book-length poem for adult readers steeped in the world of Micaela, a ten-year old, who lives in an unnamed, Spanish-speaking city by the sea. Seeking emotional refuge after a traumatic assault, Micaela withdraws from the world of adults, almost losing her burgeoning sense of self. But she becomes enchanted by language, beginning with the tilde that sits atop the Spanish letter Ñ, and her new love of the written word helps her find redemption in surprising places.