Merissa Nathan Gerson

Cindy Seip

Merissa Nathan Gerson is a New Orleans-based writer, professor, and sex educator. Her written work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Playboy, and Tablet, among others, and she was also the inherited trauma consultant for Amazon’s Emmy Award-winning television show Transparent. Forget Prayers, Bring Cake: A Single Woman’s Guide to Grieving (Mandala Publishing) is her relatable account of one woman’s reckoning with loss. Grief is all around us and it has become common and layered, no longer only an occasional weight. Written for people of all ages and orientations dealing with grief of any sort – professional, personal, romantic, familial, or even the sadness of the modern day – the book provides actions to boost self-care and self-worth, and shows when and how to ask for love and attention as well as how to provide it to others. Kiese Laymon, New York Times bestselling author of Heavy: An American Memoir and Long Division, noted that “Merissa Gerson has created a neon treatise on the art and necessity of grieving. Forget Prayers, Bring Cake is a lushly crafted offering that we have never needed more than now. I’ve not read many books that made me write ‘Thank you’ when I finished the last word. Thank you.”