Maureen Seaton

marlene lopez

Maureen Seaton has authored nineteen poetry collections, both solo and collaborative. Her awards include the Iowa Poetry Prize, Lambda Literary Award, Audre Lorde Award, an NEA fellowship, and the Pushcart. Her memoir, Sex Talks to Girls (University of Wisconsin Press), also garnered a “Lammy” and was recently reprinted in paperback. Seaton is Professor of English/Creative Writing at the University of Miami. She is the author of Fisher (Black Lawrence Press).”Tender, elegiac, searing–Maureen Seaton’s new collection is all of these and more. With virtuosic skill and precision, she casts line after quicksilver line to create a moving, prismatic portrait of a suicide. Along the way, we get dazzling meditations on rivers, fly fishing, wilderness, sex, violence, and death. Yet despite the dark subject matter, Fisher, to quote one of its poems, is a book ‘whose pages are aflame with life.'”–Ellen Bass