Mary Spio

Johanna Lawshea


Mary Spio is a deep space engineer, designing and launching communication satellites. At Boeing, she helped pioneer digital technology that redefined how major motion pictures are distributed to movie theaters throughout the world. From there, she focused on her passion for matchmaking and founded, a specialty media company dedicated to resources for singles. Mary also founded Gen2Media (now Vidaroo), an emerging leader in the digital media industry. Spio went from being a barefoot girl in Ghana to a rocket scientist with major patents with Boeing. In It’s Not Rocket Science: 7 Game-Changing Traits for Uncommon Success (Perigee Books), she presents advice and empowering stories that will inspire readers to move beyond their comfort zones into mastery and empowerment. It’s Not Rocket Science reveals the habits and traits of people who defy convention, overcome limited thinking, and crush the odds to achieve breakthrough success—and shows readers how to strike their own uncommon path.