M.J. Fievre

Cindy Seip

M.J. Fievre is a Haitian-American poet who lives in Miami and writes in English and French. She’s been described by Edwidge Danticat as “a prodigious talent.” She earned her MFA at Florida International University and is author of a memoir A Sky the Color of Chaos. M.J. is also Program Coordinator for ReadCaribbean at the Miami Book Fair. Her latest book Happy, Okay?: Poems about Anxiety, Depression, Hope, and Survival (Books & Books Press) is an exhilarating exploration of depression, anxiety, grief, and loss. Paloma is faking it. On the outside, she’s A-Okay: she’s electrified at work; there is a cadence in her step as she walks her dog; she posts memes on Facebook; and she keeps up with most relationships. Looks can be deceiving, however: Inside, Paloma is just going through the motions, and she feels like things are spiraling out of control. But when things are at their darkest, dawn arrives with clarity and focus, and with it, healing. Paloma learns to value small glimmering moments of joy rather than searching for constant happiness, thus building hope for her future. A manifesto for life. The poems in this book address the emotional contradictions of depression, anxiety, grief and loss, guiding the reader down a path to healing, fortitude, and life-sustaining joy.