Luis Garcia

marlene lopez

(Garcia, Luis) Luis Garcia was born and raised in Miami. He studied Fine Art at Florida International University. Later, he spent 8-1/2 years in prison, where he developed a love for reading and writing, and filled many, many pages of notebooks in longhand. His work has appeared in both print and online literary journals. His first full-length publication is a collection of short stories. In Missing (Jitney Books), a directionless and unreliable college freshman goes on a quest to make life into art in obsessive and creepy ways. An inmate in a confinement cell writes a letter to his ex, explaining a bizarre occurrence. A night’s hellish adventure for one suburban hoodlum comes full circle. A war story is shared at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s detox unit. Santeria, love, magic, and memory are explored from Kendall to Little Havana. These are among the thirteen stories found in Missing, a collection born and raised in Miami.