Linda Gassenheimer

marlene lopez

(Gassenheimer, Linda) Linda Gassenheimer is a TV and radio personality, syndicated journalist, award-winning, best-selling author, spokesperson, food consultant, not to mention the award-winning author of sixteen cookbooks. Her weekly “Dinner in Minutes” column is read by over 4 million people each week and she produces and hosts “Food News and Views” each week on WLRN National Public Radio. Using her latest guide, The 12-Week Diabetes Cookbook: Your Super Simple Plan for Organizing, Budgeting, and Cooking Amazing Dinners (American Diabetes Association), you can shop and organize food over the weekend so that assembling the ingredients and just a little cooking will get a meal on the table in minutes throughout the whole week. Sections include information on how to buy, how to store, what to freeze—even the projected costs of each meal!