Leonard Pitts Jr.

Cindy Seip

Leonard Pitts, Jr., is a Pulitzer Prize winning nationally syndicated columnist for the Miami Herald and a bestselling novelist. He has written three previous novels, Grant Park, Freeman, and Before I Forget, as well as two works of nonfiction. His historical novel The Last Thing You Surrender (Agate Bolden) is an American tale of race and war, following three characters from the Jim Crow South as they face the enormous changes World War II triggers in the United States. Set against a backdrop of violent racial conflict on both the front lines and the home front, The Last Thing You Surrender explores the powerful moral struggles of individuals from a divided nation. In a starred review Booklist noted that it “Seamlessly integrates impressive research into a compelling tale of America at war—overseas, at home, and within ourselves, as we struggle to find the better angels of our nature. Pitts poignantly illustrates ongoing racial and class tensions, and offers hope that we can overcome hatred by refusing to sacrifice dignity.”