Lauren Doyle Owens

marlene lopez

Lauren Doyle Owens has an MFA in Creative Writing from Florida International University. Her short fiction has appeared in various literary journals, most notably The Seventh Wave and Concho River Review. She lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Other Side of Everything (Touchstone)is her first book. Laura Lippman meets Megan Abbott in this suspenseful literary debut about three generations of neighbors whose lives intersect in the aftermath of a crime. Bernard White is a curmudgeonly widower who has lived in Seven Springs, Florida for decades and has kept to himself since his wife passed. When his neighbor is murdered, he emerges from his solitude to reconnect with his fellow octogenarians. These connections become a literal lifeline as a second, and then a third, elderly woman is murdered, and “the originals” as they call themselves, realize that they are being targeted.