Krystel A. Kanzki

Cindy Seip

Krystel A. Kanzki was born and raised in Haiti. She became a CPA after graduating from Georgetown University with an accounting and marketing degree. She started her career as a financial auditor at KPMG and is now an entrepreneur, the CFO of her family’s insurance business, and teaches continuing education courses for entrepreneurs and professionals. La Petit Petra: Haiti Discovery Series (Krystel A. Kanzki) is capturing the hearts of children all over the world! This new children’s book collection is here to empower and inspire bilingual children who are learning how to read. In addition to the innovative approach to support inexperienced French readers, La Petite Pétra helps Haitian descendants connect to their roots. La Petite Pétra was inspired by the author’s desire to support her children, who were learning how to read in French, by creating a level 1 book. Through these stories, the author shares keys to a successful mindset, including the importance of perseverance and positive reinforcement, among other lessons. The La Petite Pétra books are short, which allows kids to stay engaged and get to the end of each book in one sitting.