Kevin McCloskey

Johanna Lawshea

Kevin McCloskey teaches illustration at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania.  His artwork has appeared in many newspapers including the Village Voice and the New York Times. His 1991 children’s picture book, Mrs. Fitz’s Flamingos, was a selection of the Children’s Book of the Month Club. He also wrote and illustrated a guidebook to his old hometown, Walking Around Hoboken. His most recent book for children is We Dig Worms! (Toon Books).The book takes young readers from “ew!” to “wow!” as they learn about the different ways worms work hard to help the earth. Kids may pick up many of the life science lessons contained here on their first read, but they’ll return to We Dig Worms! again and again to rediscover its story. Deceptively simple, humble yet charming, this little book reaches surprising depths…just like, well, a worm!