Kellie Magnus

marlene lopez

(Magnus, Kellie) Kellie Magnus received her undergraduate degree from Harvard University and an MBA in Entertainment and Media Management from Columbia University. In addition to writing and publishing children’s books she writes feature articles on Caribbean entertainment and media. Publications for which she has written include the Daily News, The Jamaica Weekly Gleaner, Caribbean Beat, and The Ticket. Magnus’s Jamaica: Caribbean Street Food (Macmillan Caribbean) doesn’t offer recipes. Rather, she provides a guide to the best places to eat on the street, which often offer some of the best food you can get on these islands:  Doubles and roti in Trinidad; jerk and pepper shrimp in Jamaica; everything you could want of and from a fish in Barbados. Expect crowds, accept less than pristine surroundings, be intrepid and you’ll treat yourself to the best the Caribbean has to offer. The ambiance comes for free.