Keila Vall de la Ville

Cindy Seip

Keila Vall de la Ville is a Venezuelan-born author. She has edited the anthologies Entre el aliento y el precipicio/Poéticas sobre la belleza (Between the Breath and the Abyss/Poetics on Beauty) and 102 Poetas Jamming, and her fiction and nonfiction work has been included in several American and European anthologies. She is also a columnist for ViceVersa and the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional. Her novel Los días animales, which won the International Latino Book Awards for Best Novel 2018, has now been translated into English as The Animal Days (Katana Editores). It chronicles a woman’s story of movement, as both a lifestyle and a rite of passage, as it follows Julia’s journey of love and rock climbing across three continents. Joy is linked to self-destruction, love is inseparable from death, freedom is twinned with unbearable solitude, and life is worth only as much as a given moment. The taste for risk and vertigo never stop: they feed each other as the abyss approaches. Julia, determined to never look back, lives perpetually on the brink, even if it means shedding her own skin in the process. Alberto Barrera Tyzka, recipient of the Tusquets and Alfaguara prizes, called it “a moving story about love, violence, freedom, and self-discovery.”