Kaiama L Glover

marlene lopez

(Glover, Kaima L.) Kaiama L. Glover received a B.A. in French History and Literature and Afro-American Studies from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in French and Romance Philology from Columbia University. She is now an associate professor of French at Barnard College. Her book, Haiti Unbound: A Spiralist Challenge to the Postcolonial Canon, explores the Haitian Spiralist movement. She sits on the editorial boards of the Romanic Review and Small Axe and regularly contributes to the New York Times Book Review. Glover is the translator, from French to English of Dance on the Volcano (Archipelago Books), by Marie Vieux-Chauvet. Born in Port-au-Prince in 1916, Vieux-Chauvet is widely considered one of the greatest writers of the francophone Caribbean.  Set in late-18th century Haiti, Dance on the Volcano follows the extraordinary career of Minette, who uses her prodigious voice to cross racial barriers. Glover is also the translator of seminal Haitian author René Depestre’s Hadriana in All My Dreams (Akashic), winner of the prestigious Prix Renaudot, which combines magic, fantasy, eroticism, and delirious humor to explore universal questions of race and sexuality.