Joseph O. Legaspi

marlene lopez

Joseph O. Legaspi, a Fulbright and NYFA fellow, is the author of Imago and two chapbooks: Aviary, Bestiary and Subways. His poems have appeared in the Academy of American Poets’ Poem-a-Day, jubilat, Orion, Painted Bride Quarterly, and Salt Hill. He is the cofounder of Kundiman, a nonprofit organization serving Asian American writers. His most recent collection of poetry,  Threshold (CavanKerry) enters a landscape of seemingly perpetual in-between, crossing from conventionality to queerness; exploring the fluidity of gender; and translating the hard hold of family. The collection meditates on passageways and what it means to arrive at, and pierce through, thresholds—between countries, past and future, and the threat and security of love.