John-Richard Thompson

marlene lopez

John-Richard Thompson is the author of The Battle-Ravens and Christmas Mink: December Tales from the North Woods. He is also co-author of five nonfiction books on special needs with Anne Ford: Laughing Allegra, On Their Own, A Special Mother, The Forgotten Child and, most. Together they have traveled the country to bring their message of advocacy to corporations, parent organizations and schools. In their new book, The Stigmatized Child: “Mommy, am I stupid?”: Helping Parents Overcome the Stigma Attached to Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Lack of Social Skills (Capri Island Publications), Anne Ford and John-Richard Thompson explore the different forms of stigma, such as the stigma faced by children from classmates and friends and from society. In The Stigmatized Child they share stories from other parents and their children, and offer advice from professionals on how to deal with the often painful and long-lasting effects of stigma.