John Kretschmer

marlene lopez

John Kretschmer is a writer, sailor, philosopher, lecturer, and businessman whose successful sail-training business aboard Quetzal takes a uniquely philosophical but hands-on approach to offshore sailing. He is the author of four highly regarded non-fiction books, including Sailing a Serious Ocean, and At the Mercy of the Sea, as well as hundreds of articles for the sailing press, Life, and the LA Times. He is the author of Sailing to the Edge of Time: The Promise, the Challenges, and the Freedom of Ocean Voyaging (Adlard Coles). With hundreds of thousands of nautical miles under his keel, Kretschmer’s adventures have taken him several times around the world, with challenging crossings of the Atlantic and the Pacific, a narrow escape from a coup in Yemen, an unlikely deliverance from a coral reef off Belize, as well as more serene, introspective passages where trade winds are blowing and stories are flowing. In Sailing to the Edge of Time, Kretschmer shares his simple profundities that will inspire those who live to sail, and those seeking something more rewarding from life.