Jerry Tardieu

Cindy Seip

Jerry Tardieu is a congressman for the district of Petion-Ville, Haiti, and is the minority leader of the Haitian lower Chamber. His legislative agenda includes a legal battle for the Haitian diaspora to play a greater role in the country’s political affairs. Before being elected, Tardieu was an entrepreneur involved in Haiti’s economic, social, academic, and political life. He has served as the CEO of numerous Haitian enterprises operating in various sectors ranging from the leather industry to real estate and hospitality fields. He previously authored several books on Haiti including Haiti: l’Avenir en Face/Haiti: Facing the Future; Investir et s’Investir en Haïti: Un Acte de Foi/Investing in Haiti: An Act of Faith, a bestseller in Haiti. In Dans l’enfer du parlement/In the Hell of Parliament, Tardieu recounts his experience representing Pétion-Ville in the last legislature while offering information about critical issues and strategies for taking informed action. Dans l’enfer is a how-to book aimed at those interested in active politics who want to bring positive change to Haiti.