Jennifer D.  Bailey

Cindy Seip

Jennifer D. Bailey was a judge of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court, Civil Division, in Florida. Bailey received her B.A. degree (in Journalism) from the University of Georgia in 1980 and her J.D. degree from the University of Georgia in 1983. Bailey has taught for the Florida New Judge’s College, Florida’s Advanced Judicial Studies College, Conference of Circuit Court Judges, and Florida Bar. She was the dean of the Florida College of Advanced Judicial Studies from 2000 to 2005. Justin Driver of the Washington Post writes of Tough Cases: Judges Tell the Stories of Some of the Hardest Decisions They’ve Ever Made (The New Press) Our most distinguished judges should follow the lead of this groundbreaking volume.” In Tough Cases, judges from different kinds of courts in different parts of the country write about the case that proved most difficult for them to decide. Some of these cases received international attention such as the family case involving Elián González, the seven-year-old boy whose mother drowned trying to bring the child to the United States. Others are less well-known but equally fascinating. Relatively few judges have publicly shared the thought processes behind their decision making. Tough Cases makes for fascinating reading for everyone from armchair attorneys and fans of Law and Order to those actively involved in the legal profession who want insight into the people judging their work.