Jaswinder Bolina

Cindy Seip

Jaswinder Bolina is an American poet and essayist. He is author of Phantom Camera, Carrier Wave, and the digital chapbook The Tallest Building in America. His poems and essays have appeared widely in the U.S. and abroad and have been included in several anthologies including The Best American Poetry and The Norton Reader. He teaches on the faculty of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at the University of Miami. Bolina’s latest collection, 44th of July (Omnidawn), is a book about Americans. Not the ones brunching in Park Slope or farming in Wranglers or trading synergies in a boardroom. These are the others in the everywhere, the brown and bland ones who understand the good, tough money in working a double, who know which end of a joint to hit but also where the physics meets the metaphysics. Both victim and complicit, part of the problem and apart from the problem, these are the Americans America didn’t invite.