J.J. Colagrande

marlene lopez

(Colagrande, J.J.) J.J. Colagrande is a Miami-based writer and Professor of English at Miami Dade College. He received his MFA at Florida International University. Colagrande is the author of two previous novels, Headz and Decò, and is the Founding Editor of Jitney Books, a Miami-based micro-publishing company. His new novel, Reduce Heat Continue To Boil (Jitney Books) is flush with details and subplots, including a glimpse into the stripper world, a journey to a music festival, a horrible accident, an encounter with a super-star basketball player, and a lethal hurricane. Jimena Quintero is anxious, beautiful and filled with wanderlust. Stuck in a cubicle, trapped in a crumbling marriage, she’s haunted by her childhood and family secrets. That is until she meets Alex Lane, a local Wynwood bar owner. The characters must overcome more than most millennials will ever face or they’ll lose their sanity, heart and the city they love to hate, Miami.