Inez Barlatier

Sara McCranie

Inez Barlatier is a multifaceted musician and composer born in Miami of Ayisyen (Haitian) descent. She joined her father’s band, Jan Sebon & Kazak International, at the age of 12, and eventually formed her own band, Kazoots, which she led for 6 years. As a performer, Inez’s incredible vocal delivery organically flows between an ancestral guttural bellow to an airy angelic falsetto. She finds inspiration for her music in Africa, and in Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latin cultures. With a L.E.A.P. grant from Miami Theater Center, Inez produced a children’s show entitled Ayiti: Stories & Songs from Haiti, one of the top 30 featured presentations at the 2021 International Performance Art for Youth Conference.